Schumacher Shoes providing customers with a wide variety of seasons, colours, styles; performance.

Schumacher Shoes caters for small size customers providing sizes starting:

Women's Shoe Size Conversion Guide


  • Small  32 - 36
  • More   35 - 42
  • Large  42 - 45


Footwear needs in the half size measures?  Ask our friendly staff for assistance contact us directly or via Enquiry form.


Shoes for every season! Schumacher Shoes stocks a wide range of seasonal footwear cool in summer and warm in winter.   The variety of styles meet the needs of customers in the fashion stakes.  


Schumacher Shoes provides care and advice on how to get the best out of the performance on the shoes our customers choose:  our aim is in meeting; achieving to surpass our customers needs in their selection.  Schumacher Shoes dedicated staff are happy,  to where ever possible,  assist with requests on that just something or that special occasion needs.  


Our service includes experience assisting in Orthotic needs.